Property in Alanya centre

property in alanya centreProperty in Alanya centre is in great demand with both foreigners and local population. The centre of Alanya can be conventionally subdivided into three areas. The first area is the administrative and commercial centre of the city itself, where the majority of state institutions, cafes, restaurants, shops, offices, etc. are situated. Apartments here are mostly represented by secondary market and are in big demand for rent. The price of apartments in newly constructed houses is considerably higher than similar variants in other districts of Alanya. For foreigners the deciding factor for buying real estate here is its proximity to Cleopatra Beach. Geographically this part of the city centre borders Oba district in the east, Konakli district in the west, the Castle in the south and Bektas neighbourhood in the north. The second conventional part of the city centre is a housing estate located at the foot of the castle. Real estate here is considered a prestigious purchase, there are many houses with wood or stone finishing, that have been reconstructed according to the sketches of the XIX – the beginning of the XX century. The number of floors in the houses does not exceed three; there are lots of townhouses and villas, mostly on secondary market. A spectacular view on the castle, Cleopatra Beach to the west and a harbour to the east, as well as peace and tranquility are guaranteed to every one who makes up his mind to buy real estate here. The disadvantages may include steep descents and narrow roads. The third, and final, part of the city center is Bektas neighbourhood, which is situated over the city centre on the upland. The majority of premium class villas are concentrated here. The panoramic view on the entire Alanya, mountain air, and privacy are the main features of this area.

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