Maintenance and utility bills in Turkey

Maintenance and utility bills in Turkey

Maintenance service of the apartment building is called aydat in Turkish. It includes: looking after the grounds, cleaning pool, service of the lift, electricity bill, salary of the housekeeper and other expenses. It costs around 150 -250 € annually.


Electricity price is the same throughout the whole territory of Turkey. The price is set by a company AKDENIZ CLK ELEKT.


Water supply is managed by the local municipality. The water bill also includes an environmental tax.

There are two ways to make a payment of your water bill in Turkey. One is by the unit measure (actual consumption) and the other is card system (payment in advance). A certain amount of money placed on the card in the local municipality. This card will be read by the water unit, which calculates the amount of water is due to be consumed. Depending on the installed water unit the payment is made.


There are two ways to connect to the Internet:

  • Through landline (home phone), (ADSL-wideband line)
  • Through the mobile phone

In some apartments wireless Internet is available.

Phone Services:

Home line is free to install. Subscription fee is around 6-7€ (in 2015).

Mobile connection is provided by three main suppliers – Turkcell, Vodafon and Avea. Each one covers a wide range and sustains great service. Turkish mobile phone sim-card works for 180 days, after which only incoming calls are received for 90 days, before fully closing.

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