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Foreign business in Antalya. Statistics.

Antalya Chamber of Commerce has published the statistics of companies owned by foreigners. Following the released data, 3201 foreigner owns a business in Antalya. Russians are the biggest among the foreign business owners. 493 companies belong to the citizens of…

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Residence permit for 2 years

Good news for foreigners living in Turkey! The new regulation of the stay of foreign nationals in Turkey permits to issue a residence permit once for 2 years. Only a year could get a residence permit before that time. For…

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79 nations in the Mediterranean town

Once Alanya was called “little Germany”. But in recent years the situation has changed dramatically, and now on the cozy streets of Alanya you can meet representatives of the most diverse countries and cultures. According to statistics, real estate in…

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Rates on mortgage reduced

A few days ago the state of Turkey Ziraat Bankası bank lowered the rate on a mortgage loan in Turkish lira to 1%. The property market in Turkey is waiting for another increase. We’ll tell you about the new rates…

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Property in Turkey. Statistics of June.

According to the Institute of Statistics for June 2016 106 187 objects were sold in Turkey. Foreign nationals have acquired the property in 1543 in Turkey, which is 31.6% less than the statistical indicators for June 2015. 507 properties were…

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Turkey’s economy in the first quarter of 2016

European Institute of Statistics published the statistics of the European economies. Following her, Turkey’s economy grew in the first quarter compared with the same period in 2015 year by 4.8%. Having shown such growth, Turkey has taken the leading position…

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